Committee members needed – August 2020 Update

After our last appeal for committee members back in September 2019, where we had upwards of 15 of our lovely members express an interest in joining us, either to help by taking on a specific role or general help with a non specific roe… all ready to jump on board at the AGM in March 2020, Covid-19 hit us. We were on a roll… lots of enthusiasm, 2020 was going to be the year we nail it – huge 60th Birthday party in the planning… and then…well. Arhhh.

This is another call out – for new members to join us. We’ve lost a few, there’s a few more looking to leave us – which really won’t leave enough of us to put on any more meets/pop-up campsites into 2021. It’s hard work when there’s not many of you, but MUCH easier if the workload is spread out.

We really would like to start our own youth section – like Staffs DA did 20 to 30 years ago, kids making friends in a safe environment, wanting to go camping each week to see their friends (and not bury their heads in a tablet or phone), parents doing the same. The 2019 potential committee members said that they  would be interested in joining but want to see change happen.  We’d need a plan, for growth.  It won’t happen overnight, but the green shoots are there.  With the right people, we really can be one of the best DAs.

I thought it worth sharing some specific information on roles available, other than the treasurer role you all know about.  A couple of these are must haves.  A couple, nice to haves…  and to fill the ranks of the committee with enthusiastic help would be a dream! As before, if anyone wants any more information, get in touch with Simon (on Facebook or or any of the committee members.

Secretary – Ann was stepping down at the AGM in March but is still soldering on – we need someone to help keep the DA on the straight and narrow, looking after any communication with HQ, setting the dates for committee meetings and looks after the agenda and minutes.  Ann has been looking after this for years and would certainly help (along with other members of the committee) with the transition to the new post holder.  We can’t operate without a secretary.

Sites Office/Secretary – Ian has been looking after this role and has already booked most of the 2021 meets – and we need someone to help find new interesting sites (we have quite a few ready to be visited and a few more that are ready for rallies).  This person will meet with landowners, negotiate site fees and help find stewards for each meet (we’ll be looking to offer stewards free nights).  We can’t operate without a sites officer.

Regional Rep to our Regional Council (North Central)– Paul Robinson is looking after this one for us – This is an important role and would mean someone attending 4 meetings a year (within our region) to represent Staffs DA as our spokesperson. They get to vote on important matters and share concerns and bring back news. The meetings are a few hours long and tea, biscuits and cake is plentiful. Travel expenses are also paid.

Bookings Officer – currently vacant.  This is a role that has been created by our need to manage meets more carefully, monitoring numbers – and would simply mean monitoring a Staffs DA email address and our Facebook events pages – and keeping a track of new bookings. In time, we’d like to be able to accept online bookings/payments – but that’s not too important today.

Equipment Officer – currently vacant.  We need someone to look after our equipment (we have a trailer full), keep a log of it and make sure it is available for rallies.

Pennons & Regalia Officer – wouldn’t it be great if we had someone to do this?  I’ve spent a few hours looking at getting t shirts printed/embroidered (and not been happy with the ones I’ve had made).  Only this week someone at Carney Pools said “wouldn’t it be great if we had DA flags”.  Well, yes, it would – be great to have someone a bit arty to help bring this to life!