Duck Race 2019

Fun in the sun with ducks! Scroll down for the photos…

I’ve been literally inundated with folk wanting to write a few words about the Duck Race this year…

The ever-popular event started with lots of our lovely members asking if they could arrive as early as April to make sure they got a spot (Ok, it was May)….  And we officially opened at 12:00 on Friday (the committee were a little nervous as the landowner rightly didn’t want his beautiful field churning up, but luckily it dried out nicely after the heavy rain we’ve had).

Friday afternoon and the site started to fill up quickly – and the look of fear in Izzy’s face each time another unit pulled on said it all (where are we going to put everyone?!).  Like a jigsaw master, Izzy got everyone in (and the few stragglers that arrived on Saturday).

A quiet-ish Friday night was had…we threatened to put the marquee up – but didn’t in the end as the weather was beautiful… we had a small gathering, folk sitting chilling in the evening sun.  The ducks had an early night, so care was taken not to wake them.

Saturday morning, the sun made a very early appearance and it wasn’t long before the 40 odd kids were running around, laughing and throwing water at each other.  Lunchtime came, BBQs were lit and before long approx 40 more kids joined in the fun (average age, 35). 

13:30 and after some careful water flow testing, the chief race master (and Staffs DA’s sites office and Vice Chairman, Ian Wood) deemed conditions good to go.

Multiple races took place with committee members Paul, Andy & Simon taking on responsibility for timing and then capturing the ducks, making sure the winners were clearly identified.  Can I make it clear that despite “duck tampering” rumours, Paul (who won the overall race trophy and released the ducks) did not have “extra ducks” in his pocket.  In addition, Paul did not trip up Lynn despite it appearing that way to anyone who saw it.  He was helping her up.  No, really…he was.

Water fights continued right through the rest of the afternoon and one by one, kids headed off to shower and change, ready to get wet all over again in the early evening sun. 

Music & bingo, laughter and reminiscing about old meets and new friends were made as the evening progressed with a volley of top tunes played before lights out.

Sunday morning,  BBQ’d breakfasts, coffee morning, raffle prizes and prize giving to the duck race winners. 

All in all, a fantastic weekend.  Thanks to everyone who made the effort to join us and we hope to see you again soon!