Park Farm – Staffs DA 61st “non-Birthday Party” meet (May 2021)

Just back from a fantastic weekend away with Staffordshire DA.   Almost 5 days with every flavour of weather imaginable (from hail to red hot sunshine).

Park Farm consists of a massive grass field, big enough for thousands of vans and destined to be the location of our 60th Birthday (2020) but COVID delayed that…  so here we are, massive turnout at nearly 70 vans, not celebrating our 61st Birthday with no party but with lots of small groups with their own  “rule of 6” and family bubbles enjoying themselves.  Looking forward to our 62nd birthday in 2022, with COVID under control and playing catch up!

Wednesday night and Ian & Chris marked out the field….  And then Thursday saw the site open, although it’s fair to say with all of the committee working, it was a little challenging.  By Friday, we had enough of the committee there to man/woman the stewards’ shelter and the field slowly filled.  It was noted that at least one family (no names though to avoid embarrassment…. KATIE LONGLEY) might have put the Staffordshire flag up upside down).  The evening saw some beautiful sunsets.

Saturday, the sun came out with some unexpected rain… and Rowe, Craig & Simon headed out on a training ride (Rowe & Craig are riding a 100 mile charity ride in July for the RAF).   Simon’s route planning came under extreme criticism within 2 miles as the group found themselves in a farmer’s field with horses staring at us.  Electric fences made crossing the land exciting…  at least none of the group “pinched” the fence to see if it was live (did they Rowe?).  6 miles and the first food stop was in view (Hixon Chippy) and Rowe, distracted by said chippy did a tactical dismount.  Whilst there was some groaning, maybe  a little laughing (Craig) and some sympathy, Row got back on for another 6 miles or so before was reluctantly rescued (thanks to Leigh & Carolann).  Craig & Simon finished the ride to be met with bacon sandwiches on return to the site.

The afternoon was spent with families taking part in archery contests, egg throwing (is an egg in the face of a young child less traumatic than a welly?), cream pie “in the face” competitions and then a very socially distanced play your cards right.  Lots of laughter was to be heard ringing out across the site.

Sunday morning, BBQs lit and we find out that Rowe has taken a trip to A&E, only to be diagnosed with a fractured coccyx and wrist…   so for now, her training is on hold (but will be resumed in the summer!).  Adults racing on kids’ bikes (and beating them haha).  Oh, and tooth fairies!

Monday, the rain came.  Stories of locker doors “being left open” and the contents being left in a trail of devastation between the site and “home” (but who touched it last is still to be answered).

A great weekend – not the one planned but everyone grateful to be out and looking forward to the next.