Red Lion Camping – August Bank Holiday 2020

What a weekend that was!  Staffordshire DA descended on Red Lion Camping at Norton near Gloucester, arriving from Thursday 27th… almost as soon as the stewards had got their wellies on!  The weather was grim, very grim but the forecast was for sunshine.  That helped settle nerves, as we’d just passed a 6’ flood depth marker on the road to the site (situated on the River Severn flood plain).

Our fantastic stewards, Paul & Liz Watkins supported by Row & Steve “toes” Valintine did an immense job of pitching everyone during Thursday afternoon.  The rain was torrential, and they were careful to try and pitch folk next to the perimeter road, to eliminate the risk of becoming mud bound….  Which worked as not one vehicle had to be towed off…  10/10 for our stewards!

The weather improved over Friday & Saturday, although there was a chill in the air the evening when the DA campers could be found sitting in small groups, outside & in awnings, always aware of social distancing. 

Kids played from dawn till dusk, getting ready for school in the coming week.  It was a delight to see.

Sunday and the smell of hot sausages & burgers, spitting on BBQs filled the air.  Plans were made to see friends again soon at our upcoming pop up campsites…  with rumours of a Staffs DA on tour in France 2021 circulating….