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We want everyone to enjoy their time at our rallies and meets. To ensure everyone has a good time, we ask all members and visitors to follow these rules and guidelines:

Please note that these rules are just a subset of the Caravanning and Camping Club rules that every member agrees to when they join the club. For more information, please see your Big Sites Book or the Club Handbook.


Please do not arrive at any site before 12:00hrs, unless prior arrangement has been made with the steward. The steward MUST be the first person on site to comply with the Camping Exemptions Certificate.


Different areas have different rules on when your site fees should be paid. Some areas pay on arrival, others on departure. Please check with the Steward on site upon your arrival.


While on site, respect a 5 MPH speed limit. This is to protect the field, our children, and our pets. No learners or underage drivers are permitted to operate vehicles whilst on site.


Unless otherwise specified, all waste must be taken home and disposed of via your home refuse system. Temporary Holiday Sites will provide refuse disposal for those onsite.


Pets are welcome at all our meets, provided:

• All pets (cats and dogs) must be on leads at all times (unless constrained within your own unit!)

• Any mess must be cleared up immediately and disposed of properly.

• Dogs should not be near the drinking water points.


Please remember that we are all members of the ‘friendly club’ and to be both courteous and considerate to fellow campers when using generators on all rallies.

Generators should always be located adjacent to your own unit and not in an area where they could cause any inconvenience or danger to other members and MUST NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be left running unattended.

Derby DA rules are that generators may be used between 10:00hrs and 12:00hrs unless prior arrangements have been made with the steward or for health reasons. This will vary with other DA’s.

Please remember that the steward of the meet has the right ask you to silence your generator if it is causing a noise nuisance to your neighbours. At some locations, there may be additional restrictions on the use of generators; please check with the Steward on site.


Drinking Water and Elsan (toilet cleaning/emptying) points will always be clearly labelled. However, if you cannot identify one, please ask the steward. Under no circumstances must you take any part of your toilet to the drinking water taps.


In the interests of safety, when filling your aqua roll, please do not tow it behind your vehicle to or from the water filling point.


In line with the Caravan and Camping Club's policy, it is recommended that you have a filled fire bucket outside your unit. Units will be well spaced and sited so that they do not restrict access to, or exit from, any unit or the area in case of emergencies.


In line with legislation on the use of external gas cylinders, no cylinders with a capacity greater than 15kg will be allowed at any club event of any kind to supply touring caravans, motorhomes, tents or BBQ’s.

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