The future of Staffs DA: 2019 could be the DA’s last year – potentially closing in March 2020 if we don’t get help!

The future of Staffs DA – 2019 could be the DA’s last year – with it closing in March 2020

Did you know Staffordshire District Association is 60 years old in 2020?  No?  Well, those members that have been around a while tell me of times when meets would regularly be 50+ units, sometimes as many as 200 when Staffs hosted the NFOL at Weston Park.  We used to have a full blown youth section (some of our members tell me of times spent camping with friends in tents in a safe field with youth leaders next to them and their parents in vans in sight – and remember these with great fondness).

It feels like our meets are slowly getting more people to attend, both from Staffs DA and further afield.  Children are making new friends and running around in safe fields, with little reliance on tablets & phones.  What great experiences for them and it must be helping to set them up for what life has to offer them as they grow older.

Unfortunately, it feels like the good times of old are just that.  We’re on the cusp of something special but we don’t have enough committee members to make it work.  The current committee members have (mostly) been on board for years and we need fresh blood and energy to take the DA forward. 

We need new members across the board with a range of skills (or just enthusiasm to help).  We will fold in March 2020 if a new Treasurer is not found (this is an interesting role that won’t take too much time and we have full support available to make sure the role is gently taken on)

What could the DA look like in the future?
We could grow and have meets throughout the year (and not just Easter to Halloween).  We have lots of potential new sites for meets but no one to visit and verify their suitability.  We could host a small festival, with live local bands…  (Look at Trentfest DA).  We could develop a Junior and Youth section for our children.  There is so much we could do with the right help.

The committee positions are listed below – with details of current members in place.  We need more.  If you are interested in any of these or just joining us as a general committee member, please let one of us know.  We will be closing if we cannot find new volunteers.  At this point, we’d happily consider people sharing roles – whatever it takes to ensure the future of the DA. The current committee would happily set up a meeting to enable potential new members to chat through roles or generally ask questions about what’s involved.

What are the committee roles and what does it entail?

President (non-voting) – Byron Simpson
The presidency of a DA is an honorary position with the selected person chosen by the Committee members themselves. The President has no voting rights within the Committee. The selected person is usually of long standing within the DA, who has served on the Committee for a number of years and most significantly, holds the respect of both the Committee and its members.

The President is a person to whom the Committee feel that they can turn to for an honest personal judgement in a problem situation and through his knowledge and previous experiences can offer a guiding hand when called for.

Vice Presidents – None

Chairman – Graham Bradbury
The Chairman has overall responsibility to the DA and acts as the main DA representative at all formal functions. He also has full responsibility for the Executive Committee.

Vice Chairman – Ian Wood
The Vice Chairman assists the Chairman in the running of the DA and acts as deputy when required. 

Treasurer – Tracey Crowther
Responsible for all the DA accounts and producing the annual financial report for each AGM.

Secretary – Ann Bryant
Responsible for the day to day running of the DA. Receives all the Camping and Caravanning Club information and documentation. Organises and arranges the Committee meetings, books the venue and produces the minutes and agendas.

Sites Secretary – Ian Wood
Responsible for finding new sites, meeting with landowners of existing and new sites, negotiating site fees and obtaining stewards for all our weekend meets.

P.R.O. (Public Relations Officer) & Webmaster – Simon Hawthorne
Responsible for promoting Staffs DA & the Camping and Caravanning Club, ensuring that all relevant information regarding Staffs DA’s future activities are published in sufficient time within the Club Magazine. The Webmaster is responsible for the management of the DA website, the quality of its content, its production and editorial, our communication with the web hosts and ensuring the full adherence to our national club regulations regarding websites.

Social Media Officer – None (but carried out by Simon Hawthorne)
Responsible for promoting Staffs DA & the Camping and Caravanning Club through all social media platforms and ensuring that all relevant information regarding Staffs DA’s future activities are promoted in sufficient time via social media.

Committee Members – Mark Hill, Izzy Hill, Paul Robinson, Russell Bramwell, Andy Crowther
Committee members are an important support for the rest of the committee who have specific responsibilities.  Joining as a committee member allows you to join the meetings, have a say, get involved as much or as little as you can – and is a great way into one of the formal committee roles.

Social Secretary – None
Responsible for the entertainment at all DA functions, such as New year, Christmas party, Easter, Halloween etc

Pennons & Regalia – None
Responsible for the design, procurement and sale of the DA meet pennons and plaques. Responsible for the purchase and sale of Camping Club Regalia.

Equipment Officer – None
Responsible for all the Equipment held within the DA, and the stewards weekend kits. Also works very closely with the weekend stewards.

Catering Officer – None
Responsible for all DA catering needs at special events and coffee mornings.

Youth Leaders – we don’t have a youth section, but could in the future!
Responsible for the Camping & Caravanning Club Youth and Juniors. The Youth Leaders look after the youth section to encourage our 12 – 18 year olds to camp and organise special Youth Events such as attending the national Youth Rally. They are also key in supporting training of youth for the club youth test.  
Note: This position is elected by the committee prior to the AGM and not at the AGM by the members.

Assistant Youth Leaders – None

CCJ Leaders – we don’t have a junior section, but could in the future!
Under the guidance and overall responsibility of the Youth Leaders, the CCJ Leaders are responsible for our Camping & Caravanning Club Juniors.  CCJ Leaders encourage 8 – 11 year olds to camp in preparation to join the youth section.
Note: This post is nominated by the Youth leaders to the committee.