Staffs DA 59th Birthday Meet, May 2019 at Gentleshaw – sun, rain and hail…. welly wanging, dancing and fun all round!

Staffs DA 59th Birthday Meet has come and gone.  Unlucky if you missed it! Scroll down for the photos….

The weekend started early for the stewards and VERY early on Friday morning with the local insomniac who drives a tractor and cuts large lawns – doing multiple loops at silly o clock around said stewards!   We’ll get our own back.  Thanks Izzy for the looking after all the new arrivals.

Friday afternoon saw the field fill up nicely as 37 units arrived and pitched (71 adults and 30 children – although it felt like a lot more!).   Lots of new faces were welcomed and the children quickly made new “best friends” and hopefully I’m sure fantastic memories.

Pop up “event shelters” were quickly turned into “kid’s dens” and the grownups ended up sitting outside!

Friday night drinks in the village hall were enjoyed whilst our kids entertained us with a show – future stars of the screen right there!  Their act included a ‘willing’ volunteer from the audience (sorry Dom, you never stood a chance) who helped finish their ‘set’ with a great Macarena.

Saturday fun on the field whilst the rain held off.  Kids running and playing and then Welly Wanging!  Some great technical ability and loads of “absolutely no idea what I’m doing” ability.  Only time I’ve ever heard “Its behind you!” outside of Panto.  Our worthy winners were identified…. well done Charlie, Zoe and Simon.

A game or two of boules followed for the youngest through to the older kids.

Back in the village hall in the evening for some entertainment provided by Steve Patrix.  Family fun, singing and dancing.

Sunday’s coffee morning was enjoyed with a bit of birthday cake.  Jane’s selection of gorgeous homemade cakes gave us a happy birthday feel to the morning.  Raffle prizes were won and a stroll around the field for the table top sale secured a few bargains.

A leisurely day with a couple of pubs just a short walk away was finished off with a disco for the final evening.  The kids even got to enjoy their own den with a big screen (thanks to whoever put that up – we’ve still not worked it out!).

Thanks to the committee for organising the birthday bash and for all the unsung helpers who got stuck in to make it a great success.

Happy 59th Birthday Staffs DA!  Planning for the 60th starts now…