It’s that time of year when we start the search for committee members who can join us to bring some energy and fresh ideas to our DA to help provide fantastic camping events throughout the year. Invest as much time as you can – every minute is welcome. It’s true, the DA is struggling – we’ve got great committee members but not enough – and we’ve got a few leaving at the AGM in March 2020. One role that we have to fill is that of “treasurer”. Tracey has been with the DA for many years but will be leaving us – and we have to find a replacement by November. Tracey has filled the role brilliantly, only just receiving a letter of thanks for C&CC HQ for the wonderfully accurate job she has done. There would be no better teacher. Anyone interested in this role – or just joining us, please let one of the committee members know (or message me!). Thanks!

How do you manage without EHU (electricity hook up)?

The most often asked question we get is “do you have electricity at your meets?”.

The answer is nearly always “er, no – but you don’t need it generally. We’ve got access to fresh water and a chemical disposal point – and that’s it”.

With that in mind, this excellent video by the Trudgians will help you understand the art of the possible and camping off grid for days on end, charging phones, watching TV, heating water, using the fridge etc – without that elusive (and often expensive) hookup!

Easter meet review!

What a weekend that was! Started early on Good Friday, with Graham and Kim stewarding, lots of members arriving ready for the 12:00 opening and BBQs being lit in record time. By late Friday, the field was looking pretty full with kids’ laughter ringing out across the site (38 of them I’m reliably informed).
Saturday arrives and Katie, Gill and helpers ran a fantastic Easter Crafts session in the village hall and I believe there was a moment when it looked liked stocks were running low… with so many kids joining in! Amazing.
Saturday night and we moved back into the hall where an excellent 3 piece band entertained us through the night with some epic music. No backing tracks here!
Sunday morning, coffee, Easter Bonnet competitions with kids and ladies really throwing their all in. The men’s competition was equally hard fought with Mark taking first place with his incredibly original (never been seen before), Easter tie. A worthy winner.
The kids then piled out into the field where Jane, Paul & Lucy had hidden over 1,000 chocolate eggs (or was it 130?). Kids running around the site with buckets, searching out the eggs, some with special tickets meaning “prizes”. Chocolate heaven.
Sunday afternoon was mostly filled with the men from the committee spending hours searching for the hole in the leaky inflatable marquee. Lots of advice was given by helpful bystanders, every comment gratefully received (cough!). **There was no hole but please don’t mention it  🙂 **
Sunday evening and the hall was full again, with kids games and more than one game of Irish Bingo. Fun was had by all.
Monday morning, the sun was out again and the meet slowly starts to pack up. Cheery goodbyes are said with plans to meet up again soon.
A perfect Easter Weekend!